Shopping behavior in Japan

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Statista Dossier on the shopping behavior in Japan

Table of contents

    • Average annual real wages Japan 2001-2020

    • Annual change in average monthly salary Japan 2015-2020

    • Household consumption expenditure in Japan 2021, by durability

    • Monthly consumption spending per household Japan 2012-2021

    • Monthly consumption spending per household Japan 2020, by category

    • Average monthly expenses of households in Japan 2019, by shopping channel

    • Major reasons to shop at physical stores in Japan 2022

    • Leading store-only shopping items in Japan 2021

    • Preferred purchase channel for food products in Japan 2022

    • Preferred purchase channel for daily necessities in Japan 2022

    • Average monthly household expenditure on online purchases in Japan 2021, by product

    • Leading online-only shopping items in Japan 2021

    • Main reasons for buying online in Japan 2022

    • Most used re-commerce apps in Japan 2021

    • Familiarity with live commerce Japan 2021

    • Common instore payment methods in Japan 2021

    • Leading payment methods among Japanese online buyers 2021

    • Cashless payment usage frequency per day in Japan 2022

    • Most used cashless payment methods in Japan 2022

    • Usage rate of Buy Now, Pay Later services in Japan 2022, by age group and gender

    • Major factors influencing consumer purchasing decisions in Japan 2021

    • Major factors influencing consumer goods and services purchases in Japan 2021

    • Main factors influencing consumer goods purchases in Japan 2021

    • Major products bought due to influencer marketing in Japan 2021, by category

    • Main factors influencing foodstuff purchases in Japan 2021

    • Awareness of ethical consumption in Japan 2021

    • Awareness of ethical consumption in Japan 2021, by gender

    • Common ethical shopping behavior in Japan 2021

    • Popular sustainable materials for fashion purchases in Japan 2021

    • Opinion on actions to secure future food supply in Japan 2021

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