U.S. Smart Grids - Statistics & Facts

U.S. Smart Grids - Statistics & Facts

Statistics and Facts about Smart Grids in the U.S.

Smart grids are multi-directional networks that monitor, measure and manage the transport of electricity. In an increasingly complex world, faced with growing peak demand and an ageing electricity infrastructure, the implementation of a nationwide smart grid is crucial to making U.S. energy supply more reliable, energy-efficient and sustainable. Furthermore, smart grids are an important element for expanding the use of a number of technologies, including electric vehicles and renewable energy sources such as geothermal power, wind energy and solar heat and power.

The U.S. smart grid market is highly incentivized by the U.S. government. To date, companies like Honeywell, General Electric, Trilliant Networks and Itron have received between around 60 and 300 million U.S. dollars in funding. In 2014, the United States spent some 1.5 billion U.S. dollars on distribution automation for smart grids. Under the Smart Grid Investment Grant program, the United States aims to accelerate the modernization and revolution of the country's electric transmission and distribution systems.

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