U.S. Bottled Water Market - Statistics & Facts

U.S. Bottled Water Market - Statistics & Facts

Statistics and facts on the bottled water market in the U.S.

Global bottled water consumption was characterized by a significant growth over the last decade and is still on the rise. Bottled water is drinking water packaged into plastic or glass bottles. It can further be categorized as sparkling and still water.

According to total sales, the U.S. market is the largest bottled water consumer market. In 2016, the U.S. bottled water sales volume came to about 12.8 billion gallons - the highest volume of bottled water ever sold in the United States. The U.S. market has undergone a major transformation since the early 1990s, when most produced bottled water came from smaller, regional operating companies. Today, the market is highly concentrated with two brands generating more than 1 billion U.S. dollars in sales.

Many reasons are discussed why U.S. consumers purchase such a large amount of bottled water. First, it is assumed that the convenience of single-packed bottled water plays a major role. Second, bottled water offered in single-serving containers is very appealing to customers and third, it is seen as very healthy zero calorie beverage of choice. Therefore, it is not surprising that the United States' per capita consumption of bottled water reached an all-time high with 36.5 gallons in 2015.

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Facts on the bottled water market in the U.S.

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