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In 2014, newspaper circulation in Canada amounted to 5.14 million dailies nationwide, out of which 1.94 million were distributed in Ontario and a further 1.35 million were issued in Quebec. With the terrain of the Canadian newspaper market constantly changing, taking into account the numerous acquisitions, the Toronto-based Postmedia Network was the leading publisher as of 2015, owning 45 of the daily newspapers in the country. In actual fact, the Montreal-based Quebecor had led the market up until October 2014, when 14 of its titles were purchased by Postmedia. In regards to circulation figures, Postmedia’s National Post had a circulation of 1.12 million in 2015, while Globe and Mail (a single title held by the Globe and Mail group) had the second highest weekly circulation, sitting at more than two million in the same period. Toronto Star, one of the ten Torstar Corporation titles, ranked first with a circulation of 2.2 million. Apart from the Postmedia – Quebecor deal, another prominent movement in the industry was the formation of Groupe Capitales Médias, which followed Power Corporation’s sale of six titles in March 2015.

All in all, in 2015 newspapers reached more than half of Canadian consumers. The penetration rate was highest among Canadians older than 55; however, among those aged 18 to 24, 57 percent were exposed to newspaper content on a weekly basis. By gender, male readership was slightly higher than that of women in 2015, with 45.64 percent of daily newspaper consumers being female. As far as age group distribution goes, 35 to 49 year olds account for the highest readership – 24 percent – followed by consumers older than 65 years – 23 percent. In general, Canadian adults spend almost 2 hours reading daily newspapers and about 18 minutes reading community newspapers per week.

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Newspapers in Canada - Important statistics

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