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Statista dossier on media in Canada

This dossier has been compiled to provide statistical information about the media industry in Canada.

Table of contents

  • 1. Overview
    • Value of the entertainment and media market in Canada 2014-2020

    • Fastest growing media and marketing companies in Canada 2012-2017

    • Media daily reach in Canada from 2011 to 2017, by type of media

    • Time spent with media in Canada 2011-2016, by medium

    • Advertising expenditure in Canada 2007-2019

    • Advertising spending in Canada 2007-2019, by medium

    • Reach of selected media in Canada 2001-2018

    • Reach of selected media in French Canada 2001-2018

    • Daily time spent with selected media among adults in Canada 2018

    • Exposure to media in Canada 2018

  • 2. TV
    • Market revenue broadcasting and cable TV industry in Canada 2014-2017

    • Television industry revenue in Canada 2007-2018

    • Share of television revenues in Canada 2017, by broadcaster

    • Number of TV services broadcasting in Canada 2013-2017

    • Number of TV households in Canada 2017-2023, by platform

    • Number of TV cord cutter households in Canada 2012-2018

    • Weekly time spent watching TV in Canada 2016-2018, by age

    • Most viewed regularly scheduled network programs in Canada 2017-2018

    • Reach of TV in French Canada 2014-2017, by age

    • Leading TV markets in Canada 2018, by number of viewers

  • 3. Radio
    • Canada average daily radio audience 2016-2019

    • Radio industry revenue in Canada 2007-2017

    • Radio operator revenues in Canada 2011-2016

    • Radio revenue in Canada 2009-2017, by service

    • Share of radio and audio services in Canada 2016, by type

    • Number of radio stations in Canada 2007-2017

    • Weekly time spent listening to radio in Canada 2012-2016

    • Weekly time spent listening to the radio in Canada 2015-2016, by age

    • Weekly time spent listening to radio genres in Canada 2017

  • 4. Newspapers
    • Forecasted market value of the newspapers industry in Canada 2013-2018

    • Canada leading daily newspaper publishers 2010-2018, by newspapers published

    • Newspaper reach in Canada 2018, by format

    • Newspaper reach in Canada 2018, by age

    • Newspaper reach in Canada 2018, by age and format

    • Reach of newspapers in Canada 2014-2018, by age

    • Reach of newspapers in French Canada 2014-2018, by age

    • Weekly time spent reading newspapers in Canada 2016, by age and type

    • Canada: daily newspaper circulation 2016, by province

    • Canada daily per capita time with newspapers 2010-2018

  • 5. Magazines
    • Canada: general magazine advertising revenue 2003-2016

    • Canada quarterly newsstand magazine sales revenue Q1 2014-Q4 2016

    • Canada quarterly newsstand magazine unit sales Q1 2014-Q4 2016

    • Canada: most common distribution channels for magazine purchases 2017

    • Reach of magazines in Canada 2014-2018, by age

    • Reach of magazines in French Canada 2014-2018, by age

    • Leading English-language magazines in Canada 2017, by readership

    • Leading French-language magazines in Canada 2017, by readership

  • 6. Digital
    • Digital Market Outlook: digital media users in Canada 2016-2022, by category

    • Share of Canadians watching TV exclusively online 2012-2017

    • Share of audience watching free online TV weekly in Canada 2011-2017

    • Average weekly internet TV viewing hours in Canada 2008-2017

    • Radio streaming in Canada 2009-2017, by language

    • Satellite radio subscriptions reach in Canada 2008-2017, by language

    • Weekly readership of magazines on a mobile device in Canada 2016, by age group

    • Weekly readership of newspapers on a mobile device in Canada 2016, by age group

    • Canada on-demand music video streams 2015-2017

    • Canada ad supported and subscription music audio streams 2015-2017

    • Digital Market Outlook: users of digital music in the Canada 2016-2022, by format

    • Canadians accessing online streaming in Canada 2017, by language

  • 7. Advertising
    • Media advertising spending in Canada from 2018-2023

    • Government of Canada: advertising spending 2018, by medium

    • TV ad spend in Canada 2010-2019

    • Out-of-home ad spend in Canada 2010-2019

    • Internet ad spending in Canada 2010-2019

    • Digital Market Outlook: social media ad revenue in Canada 2015-2021, by device

    • Share of digital in ad spend in Canada 2012-2020

    • Share of marketers using selected media for advertising in Canada 2016

    • Most read ads in print and online media in Canada 2018, by industry

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