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Global infrastructure consists of the physical networks and facilities fundamental to the functioning of a modern industrial nation. As of 2016, Switzerland was ranked number one in the world in regards to infrastructure quality. Between 2015 and 2016, valued at about 25 billion U.S. dollars, infrastructure projects in South East Asia were valued to be the highest in the world. The United Kingdom was the leading country in infrastructure projects within that same time frame, closely followed by the United States with an estimated 40 billion U.S. dollars worth of infrastructure projects.

Infrastructure is typically built to provide essential public work services that are necessary for society. This may include infrastructure for the telecommunications sector or for the energy sector, in the form of telephone lines or electrical grids and dams for electric power generation, respectively. Among the top five most valued telecom infrastructure companies in the world are Chinese company, Huawei and American multinational, Cisco. Other value companies include Ericsson, Qualcomm, and Nokia. In the U.S, the power sector generates by far the highest value for new private infrastructure construction.

Infrastructure such as roads, streets, bridges, airports, railways, ports, tunnels, highways, or inland water ways are also newly built and updated in order to provide transportation services. Between 2015 and 2016, projects for high speed rails were the highest valued projects for transportation infrastructure. They were closely followed by infrastructure projects for urban mass transit. In 2016, the United Arab Emirates was ranked number one in road quality worldwide and was second only to Singapore in the ranking for highest quality in air traffic. The cities with the longest metro networks in the world include: Shanghai, Beijing, London, Seoul, Tokyo and New York City.

In the U.S., the problem of Washington lawmakers not being able to easily find common ground, given the deep partisan division among them, has put most of the nation's infrastructure in critical need of repairs. It is hoped that the current Trump administration will be increase his administration’s dedication to improving American infrastructure.

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Global Infrastructure - Important statistics

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