Infrastructure in the United States

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Statista Dossier about U.S. infrastructure

Table of contents

    • Cost of select U.S. infrastructure projects 2019

    • U.S. value of infrastructure construction placed by key sector 2008-2018

    • U.S. value of private infrastructure construction placed by key sector 2010-2021

    • Select U.S. project costs of infrastructure projects 2019

    • Infrastructure investment needs across various systems in the U.S. 2020-2029

    • U.S. value of private transportation construction put in place 2008-2021

    • U.S. value of new transportation construction 2018, with forecasts up until 2023

    • U.S. new highway and street construction 2005-2020, with forecasts up until 2025

    • Number of U.S. structurally deficient road bridges 2021

    • Investment in U.S. railroad and public transit infrastructure construction 2015-2021

    • U.S. airport infrastructure needs by type 2021-2025

    • U.S. freight railroads: infrastructure & equipment costs 2006-2018

    • U.S. utility transmission and distribution operating costs 2006-2020

    • U.S. revenue for electric power generation, transmission, and distribution 2010-2019

    • O&M costs of new power plants in the U.S. 2021, by technology

    • U.S. existing nameplate electricity capacity 2020, by type

    • Select information on U.S. water systems 2017

    • U.S. water, sewage, and other system utilities' capital expenditure 2012-2020

    • U.S. government expenditure on water and transport infrastructure 2017

    • U.S. spending on transportation and water infrastructures as share of GDP 1960-2017

    • U.S. water system needs by select state 2018

    • Water, sewer and trash collection: U.S. price index 2005-2018

    • Waste management and remediation services - gross output 2009-2020

    • U.S. municipal solid waste landfills 1990 to 2018

    • U.S. municipal solid waste landfills by region 2018

    • Revenue of the U.S. hazardous waste management 2019

    • U.S. waste-to-energy facilities 2001-2018

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