Transport infrastructure in China

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Statista Dossier on transport infrastructure in China

Table of contents

    • Total length of public roads in China 2008-2021

    • Total length of express ways in China 2009-2021

    • Length of roads in China 2018-2021, by road type

    • Road density in China 2008-2021

    • Length of mail routes in China 2000-2020

    • Railroad rolling stock in China 2010-2020, by type of carriage

    • Length of China Railways' rail network by railroad embankment type 2009-2020

    • Rail network length in China 2020, by region

    • Length of express railways by leading province in China 2019

    • Investments in China's rail infrastructure 2009-2020

    • Number of civil airports in China 2000-2021

    • Number of civil aircraft in China 1990-2020

    • Civil aircraft fleet in China 2015-2020, by type

    • Length of civil aviation routes in China 1995-2020

    • Investment in Chinese civil aviation's capital construction and technology 2014-2020

    • Length of inland waterways in China 2009-2021

    • Number of transport ships in China 2008-2021

    • Inland waterway length in China 2021, by river

    • Number of berths in coastal and river ports in China 2021, by cargo volume

    • Number of busses and trolley busses in China's cities 2010-2021

    • Number of subway lines in China's cities 2010-2021

    • Length of bus lanes in China's cities 2009-2021

    • Length of public transport network in cities in China 2020, by region

    • Distribution of urban railway under construction China 2020, by type

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