Facebook's Impressive Mobile Line-Up


When Facebook filed for its initial public offering in early 2012, the company named the ongoing transition to mobile as one of the biggest risks to its future success. If the transition to mobile was indeed the biggest challenge in Mark Zuckerberg's young career as CEO of a billion-dollar company, he managed it admirably well.

Not only does Facebook generate most of its revenue on mobile devices now, the company also owns some of the most popular apps in the world. Just this week, Messaging VP David Marcus announced that Messenger now has 1.2 billion monthly active users, making Facebook's messaging sidekick the third of the company's platforms to reach that threshold. Facebook itself currently has 1.7 billion mobile users per months, its $19 billion acquisition WhatsApp reached 1.2 billion users in December 2016. And finally there's Instagram, which has more than 600 million users and is immensely popular with Millennials.

With a mobile line-up like this, Facebook appears to be in a position that all but guarantees sustained success in the mobile landscape.

Infographic: Facebook's Impressive Mobile Line-Up | Statista
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