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Pulp & Paper statisticsThe pulp and paper industry produces and sells cellulose-based products, derived from wood. Packaging paper, graphic paper and hygienic paper are the major product groups of this industry. Although China is the world’s leading country when it comes to paper and paperboard production, the international pulp and paper market is dominated by companies from North America, northern Europe and Japan.

Some 400 million metric tons of paper and cardboard are produced worldwide every year, with China being responsible for around one quarter of the total production. The industry is dominated by International Paper and Kimberly-Clark from the United States, Stora Enso and UPM-Kymmene from Finland, and Oji Paper and Nippon Paper Group from Japan. It is estimated that the top 20 companies generate some 40 percent of the total global paper and paperboard production.

Among the top data of the pulp and paper subcategory are rankings of these major companies. Consumption figures on global and regional level show us that paper utilization almost totally equates to the global industry’s production. As paper is defined as a renewable resource, recycling is a major issue for this industry. Huge amounts of paper are collected worldwide annually, making it a significant part of this branch.

More interesting topics from the industry "Pulp & Paper"

More interesting topics from the industry "Pulp & Paper"

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