Highest player salaries in Major League Baseball in 2016 (in million U.S. dollars)

This graph depicts the top player salaries in Major League Baseball in 2016. Mark Teixeira of the New York Yankees receives a total salary of 22.5 million U.S.dollars for the 2016 season.

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 Salary in million U.S. dollars
Clayton Kershaw 32
David Price 30
Josh Hamilton 28.41
Miguel Cabrera 28
Justin Verlander 28
Yoenis Cespedes 27.5
Felix Hernandez 25.86
Ryan Howard 25
Albert Pujols 25
CC Sabathia 25
Prince Fielder 24
Robinson Cano 24
Zack Greinke 24
Joe Mauer 23
Cole Hamels 22.5
Mark Teixeira 22.5
Justin Upton 22.13
Hanley Ramirez 22
Masahiro Tanaka 22
Jose Reyes 22
Adrian Gonzales 21.86
Carl Crawford 21.61
Matt Kemp 21.5
Jacob Ellsbury 21.14
James Shields 21
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