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Statista dossier on the film industry in India

This dossier has been compiled to provide statistical information about the film industry in India.

Table of contents

  • 1. India in global comparison
    • Leading box office markets worldwide in 2016, by revenue

    • Leading film markets worldwide 2007-2014, by number of films produced

    • Leading film markets worldwide 2016, by number of tickets sold

  • 2. Industry overview
    • Value of the film industry in India from 2007 to 2021

    • Box office revenue in India 2009-2021

    • Domestic box office revenue in India 2009-2021

    • Number of multiplex theaters in India 2012-2015

    • Revenue of films in India by main source 2016

    • India's film industry - overseas theatrical revenue 2011-2021

    • Revenue of domestic theatrical films in India 2011-2021

    • Eros International's revenue 2009-2017

    • Eros International's profit from 2010 to 2017

  • 3. Box office hits
    • Bollywood: highest grossing movies worldwide

    • Highest grossing Bollywood movies outside of India 2017

    • Bollywood: highest grossing movies in India 2018

    • Movies with biggest production budgets in India 2017

    • Highest grossing domestic movies India 2016

    • Leading Bollywood movies in India 2017, by profit

    • Highest grossing Hollywood movies India 2016

    • Highest grossing Hindi films at the box office in the UK and Ireland 2016

    • Oscars in the category "Best Foreign Language Film" 1948-2017, by country

  • 4. Actors
    • Richest Bollywood actors 2015

    • Actors with highest advance tax payments in India 2017

    • Female characters share in movies worldwide in 2014, by country

    • Most popular personalities from India on Twitter 2015

  • 5. Audience
    • Number of cinema admissions in India 2009-2014

    • Countries that produce Indian consumers' preferred movies 2014

    • Eros International's revenue 2006-2017, by customer location

    • Country of origin of films released in the UK and Ireland 2016

    • Market share of cinema box office gross in the UK 2001-2016, by film origin

    • Premiered films in cinemas in Germany 2015, by country of origin

  • Language: English
  • Released: April 2017
  • Source(s): Statista
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