Food retail in Belgium

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Statista Dossier on food retail in Belgium

Table of contents

    • Belgium: Food, beverages and tobacco sales revenue in specialized stores 2008-2019

    • Sales growth of grocers and discounters in the Benelux 2010-2023

    • Organic retail sales market share in the Benelux 2020, by country

    • Leading food retailers in Belgium 2019, by market share

    • Leading supermarket chains in Belgium 2022, by number of stores

    • Leading supermarket brands in Belgium, based on consumer ratings 2020

    • Retail revenue of Colruyt Group 2021, by chain

    • Number of Colruyt supermarkets 2014-2020, by country

    • Number of OKay supermarkets 2014-2021

    • Number of Bio-Planet supermarkets 2014-2021

    • Worldwide media perception of Delhaize 2020, by characteristic

    • Surface area expansion of food retail stores in Belgium 2020, by type

    • Top 20 retail chains in Belgium 2022, by shop floor area

    • Food chain store penetration in Belgium 2019, by shop floor area and number of stores

    • Shop floor area of OKay supermarkets 2014-2021

    • Shop floor area of Bio-Planet supermarkets 2014-2021

    • Shop floor area of Colruyt supermarkets 2014-2021, by country

    • Consumer expenditure households on food, beverages & tobacco in Belgium 2020, by type

    • Consumer expenditure on food and non-alcoholic beverages in Belgium 2020

    • Average per capita annual spending on consumer goods in Belgium 2019, by retailer

    • Average per capita annual spending on private label products in Belgium 2019

    • Percentage change of consumer goods prices in Belgium 2020

    • Share of individuals buying groceries online in Belgium 2009-2019

    • COVID-19 impact on consumer intent to buy groceries online in Belgium in 2020

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