Media industry in Australia

Media industry in Australia
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Statista Dossier on the media industry in Australia

Table of contents

    • Box office revenue in the U.S. and Canada 1980-2021

    • Total attendance at AMC's movie theaters 2013-2021

    • Leading TV broadcasters in the United Kingdom (UK) 2020, by audience share

    • Market share of selected TV stations in Germany 2021

    • Paid circulation of daily weekday newspapers in the U.S. 1985-2020

    • Global revenue of the recorded music industry 1999-2021

    • Global digital music revenue 2004-2021

    • Seating capacity in cinemas Singapore 2020-2021, by major exhibitor

    • Paid video content market size Japan 2012-2021

    • Average real-time TV viewing time per weekend day Japan FY 2013-2021

    • Morning edition newspaper circulation in Japan 2012-2021

    • Books, newspapers, stationary and gifts' retail sales value in Hong Kong 2010-2021

    • Value of the music industry in India 2007-2024

    • Highest grossing box office films in Australia in 2021

    • Market share of major film distributors in Australia 2020

    • Cinema screen numbers in Australia 2021

    • Cinema attendance in Australia 2013 - 2021

    • Average ticket prices in movie theaters in Australia 2007-2021

    • Hours of free-to-air TV watched in Australia 2021, by generation

    • Number of pay TV service users by service in Australia 2020

    • Expenditure on the production of television and film drama Australia by type 2019

    • Funding for the production of television and online drama Australia 2019

    • Audience size of the most watched tv broadcasts in Australia 2019

    • National newspaper readership in Australia in 2021

    • Value of the newspaper market in Australia from 2013 to 2025

    • Number of readers in Australia 2019, by magazine

    • Digital magazine readership in Australia 2017-2019

    • Value of the music industry in Australia 2015-2020

    • Music sales in Australia from 2005 to 2020, by platform

    • Share of people listening to online audio streaming last week Australia 2022, by type

    • Change music market size in Australia from 2016-2024

    • Size of the live music market Australia from 2015-2024

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