Video on demand in Poland

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Statista dossier on video on demand in Poland

Table of contents

  • 1. Overview
    • VOD and pay TV market value in Poland 2017-2019

    • On-demand audiovisual services in Poland 2019, by genre

    • Leading VOD websites in Poland 2021, by users

    • Leading VOD apps in Poland 2020, by users

    • Leading VOD providers used in Poland 2020

    • Most popular cost-free VOD TV services in Poland 2019

  • 2. Revenue and advertising
    • OTT services revenue outlook in Poland 2017-2023

    • Forecast of Video-on-Demand revenue by segment in Poland 2017-2025

    • Consumer revenues for video on demand (VOD) services in Poland 2011-2018

    • Estimated streaming revenues of Netflix in Poland 2016-2020

    • Share of advertisements in video services in Poland 2019

    • TVP's subscription revenue in Poland in 2004-2020

  • 3. Users and demographics
    • VOD service users who watched long format videos in Poland 2017-2019, by age

    • VOD service reach in Poland 2018-2020, by provider

    • Number of pay VOD users in Poland 2018-2020, by provider

    • Leading VOD services in Poland 2020, by number of users

    • Paid TV households in Poland in 2019, by size of city

    • Structure of VOD service users in Poland 2018

    • Share of TVP VOD users in Poland 2019, by age

    • Estimated number of Netflix streaming subscribers in Poland 2016-2020

  • 4. Consumption habits
    • Reasons for using paid VOD services in Poland 2020

    • Leading VOD websites in Poland 2021, by users

    • Devices used to watch VOD services in Poland 2018

    • Ways of accessing long video content in Poland 2015-2019, by source type

    • Frequency of using video on demand (VOD) services in Poland 2019

    • Preferred types of content to watch on VOD platforms in Poland 2019

    • Highest-rated Netflix Originals in Poland 2020

    • Most in-demand original TV shows on TV and SVOD in Poland 2019

    • Preferred online video payment methods in Poland 2019

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