Discounters in Europe

Discounters in Europe
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Statistics report on discount stores in Europe

Table of contents

    • Leading food and beverage retailers of Europe 2021, based on revenue

    • Leading grocery retailers by market share in Europe 2017

    • Grocery sales in Europe in 2018, by channel

    • Sales area of grocery channels in Europe 2018

    • Share of sales of discounters on the European market 2014-2017

    • Discount channel's value share of the grocery market in Europe 2017

    • Number of discount stores in Europe 2007-2017

    • Retail market share of discount grocery stores Germany 2000-2021

    • Food retail revenue share of discount grocery stores Germany 2020-2022

    • Revenue of discounter supermarkets in Germany 2021

    • Number of customers of the most popular discount supermarkets in Germany 2018-2021

    • Sales turnover of discount stores in Denmark 2018-2021

    • Number of discounters in Denmark 1990-2017

    • Turnover of the leading food retailers in France 2020

    • Monthly food market share of supermarkets in France 2017-2021

    • Grocery market share in Great Britain 2017-2023

    • United Kingdom: grocery retail market value 2020-2027, by channel

    • Discounter store numbers in the United Kingdom (UK) in 2018, by chain

    • Discount stores sales in Italy 2014-2021

    • Market share of discount stores in Italy 2010-2023

    • Revenue of Schwarz Gruppe in Germany 2017-2021, by sales division

    • Turnover of Lidl in the United Kingdom (UK) 2012-2021

    • Lidl sales growth year-on-year in Great Britain 2014-2022

    • Number of Lidl store branches in Germany 2007-2021

    • Number of stores Lidl in Spain 2022

    • Market share of Aldi Nord worldwide by country 2018

    • Revenue of Aldi Group in Germany 2017-2021

    • Great Britain: revenue of Aldi Süd 2015-2019

    • Aldi sales growth year-on-year in Great Britain 2014-2022

    • Number of Aldi stores in Germany 2007-2021

    • World: stores of Aldi Süd 2015-2022, by country

    • Store numbers of Aldi Nord Europe by country 2015-2017

    • Revenue of Netto Marken-Discount in Germany 2005-2022

    • Number of Netto Marken-Discount stores in Germany 2007-2021

    • Revenue of Penny in Germany 2017-2022

    • Germany: number of Penny stores 2007-2020

    • Norma Group: annual revenue 2010-2018

    • Number of Norma stores in Germany 2007-2021

    • Retail revenue of Colruyt Group 2022, by chain

    • Number of Colruyt supermarkets 2014-2022, by country

    • Annual revenue of the discounter chain Eurospin 2013-2019

    • Retail industry: number of stores of the leading retailers in Italy 2018

    • Sales value of Biedronka in Poland 2018-2022

    • Number of Biedronka stores in Poland 2018-2022

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