Subscription video-on-demand market worldwide

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Statista Dossier on SVOD worldwide

Table of contents

    • Video-on-Demand revenue worldwide 2017-2026, by segment

    • Video-on-Demand users worldwide 2017-2026, by segment

    • Video-on-Demand ARPU worldwide 2017-2026, by segment

    • SVOD revenue worldwide 2016-2026

    • Number of OTT video services used per user worldwide 2018-2020, by country

    • Global SVOD subscriptions and subscribers 2021-2027

    • Global increase in SVOD subscriptions 2017-2020, by quarter

    • SVOD services reach worldwide 2022, by country

    • Average number of SVOD subscriptions per user worldwide 2020

    • SVOD subscriber count worldwide 2020-2027, by service

    • Content spend of media and streaming companies worldwide 2020-2025

    • Availability of movies and TV shows on SVOD services worldwide 2021

    • Global SVOD services programming expense 2021, by type

    • Budget of selected TV series per episode on VOD worldwide 2019-2021

    • VoD platforms with the most in-demand original series worldwide 2020-2021

    • Movies and series expected to reach long-term popularity status 2025, by studio

    • Average popularity score of originals worldwide 2021, by platform

    • Netflix's annual revenue 2002-2021

    • Disney+ ARPU worldwide 2020-2022

    • Global net revenue of Amazon 2014-2021, by product group

    • Apple's revenue broken down by operating segments 2012-2022, by quarter

    • WarnerMedia's revenue 2018-2020, by source

    • Discovery Communications revenue 2021, by source

    • Paramount's filmed entertainment revenue 2020-2021

    • Global share of users watching content via streaming services Q3 2021, by country

    • Reasons for watching video streaming services worldwide Q2 2021, by generation

    • Share of daily video streaming time worldwide 2015-2021

    • Hours spent on video consumption weekly worldwide Q2 2021, by platform

    • Important considerations for VOD services worldwiede Q2 2021, by generation

    • Most popular content types on video streaming services worldwide Q2 2021

    • Reasons for canceling video streaming service subscriptions worldwide 2022

    • Most in-demand video streaming services worldwide 2021, by share of demand

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