Vinci Group - Statistics & Facts

Vinci Group - Statistics & Facts

Statistics and Facts about Vinci Group

Vinci is a French company founded in 1899 (originally named Société Générale d’Enterprises S.A. (SGE) under Alexandre Giros and Louis Loucher. The company adopted its current name in 2000. It is presently one of the largest construction companies in the world 279942. The Vinci Group employs people from all over the world, however, the company generates a large majority of its revenues from within France. In 2000, the company received criticism due to their involvement in a project to build an airport in Notre-Dame-des-Landes, near Nantes, which eventually led to protests seen on a regional and national scale. As of November 2012, protests had continued to challenge the displacement of those who lived in the area.

Vinci Group divides its business into three major segments, including Contracting, Concessions, and Property and Intragroup Eliminations. Under its Concessions business segment, Vinci Autoroutes operates one of the largest motorway networks in Europe, managing almost 4,400 kilometers of motorways in France. Vinci Construction, under its Contracting segment, has almost 780 consolidated companies and employs thousands of people in over 100 countries. This business line provides a wide range of services for its infrastructure projects including financing, design, construction, and maintenance. Currently, Vinci is involved in the construction of the Atlantic Bridge, a road bridge over the Panama Canal whose main span will reach some 530 meters. This project was awarded to Vinci Construction Grand Projets on October 2012, by the Panama Canal Authority for some 365 million U.S. dollars. The Major Projects Division, which includes Vinci Construction Grand Projets, supports complex and large-scale projects in France and abroad.

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