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Beef is the name used in the preparation or sale of meat acquired from cattle. In 2018, there was around 1.23 million metric tons of beef produced in Canada, and more than 485,000 metric tons of beef exported that year. The United States accounted for the largest export market for beef in 2018, with an export value of approximately 2.03 billion Canadian dollars. The western province of Alberta accounted for the largest beef cow inventory, followed by Saskatchewan, with around 1.51 million heads as of January 2019.

Produced from bulls, heifers or steers, beef is a variety of red meat which may be cut into roasts, steaks or short ribs. Numerous cuts of steak exist, from premium steaks such as rib eye, sirloin or tenderloin to more budget varieties such as hanger and skirt steak. In Canada, the retail price of prime rib roast was 32.6 Canadian dollars in May 2019, an increase from 28.61 Canadian dollars in January 2015. The average household expenditure on beef was approximately 282 Canadian dollars in 2017. This figure has decreased in recent years from around 315 dollars in 2014.

Whilst almost 50 percent of Canadian consume meat or meat containing products daily, a fair share of consumers are also reducing or eliminating meat entirely from their diet. According to a recent generational survey, it was revealed that some 33 percent of Baby Boomers and 29 percent of Millennials were working towards eating less meat or a completely meat-free diet. Additionally, some Canadians are actively avoiding specifically beef and other red meat in their diets. Females aged over 55 are the demographic most likely to be avoiding such foods, followed by females aged between 18 and 34. Leading motives given for reducing or stopping beef consumption completely include financial, health and food safety and environmental reasons.

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Beef market in Canada

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