Food shopping behavior in Canada

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Statista dossier on food shopping behavior in Canada

Table of contents

    • Annual household expenditure on food in Canada 2010-2019

    • Annual household expenditure on food purchased from stores in Canada 2010-2019

    • Annual food expenditure in Canada by age and gender 2021

    • Consumer price index of food purchased from stores in Canada 2003-2021

    • Canadians' perception of food prices rising relative to household income 2021

    • Share of grocery trip spending in Canada as of February 2022

    • Payment methods used on most recent grocery trip by consumers in Canada 2022

    • Canadians' change in food-buying habits due to increased food prices 2022

    • Canadians' food-buying habits change due to rising food prices 2022, by age & gender

    • Grocery shopping by type in Canada 2022

    • Grocery shopping by store brand in Canada 2022

    • Consumers' choice on the type of store to shop for groceries in Canada in 2021

    • Factors influencing grocery store selection among Canadians 2022

    • Where Canadian consumers regularly shopped for groceries as of February 2022

    • Frequency of shopping for groceries in-store in post-pandemic world in Canada 2022

    • Importance of commitment to sustainability of groceries stores in Canada 2022

    • Consumer's likelihood to switch to a store with greater sustainability in Canada 2022

    • Canadians opinions on sustainable shopping statements 2021

    • Canada: consumer perspective of natural and organic food and drink 2021

    • Canada: Organic and natural buying trends after Covid-19 2021

    • Reasons for Canadian consumers to shop local products 2022

    • Purchase frequency of local grocery products in Canada 2022

    • Frequency change in local products purchases among consumers in Canada 2022

    • Canadians' percentage of total grocery purchases at local businesses in 2021

    • Most important claims about food products according to consumers in Canada 2021

    • Preferences for online food shopping in Canada 2019-2021, by channel

    • Preferences for online grocery ordering in Canada 2021, by province

    • Groceries shopping choice between in-store and online United States 2021, by age

    • Change in online purchasing from national and local grocery retailers in Canada 2021

    • Preferred grocery shopping methods in Canada 2021

    • Groceries & beverages purchased online by category in Canada 2022

    • Online grocery & beverage shopping by store brand in Canada 2022

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