Supermarkets and grocery stores in Canada

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Statista dossier on supermarkets and grocery stores in Canada

This dossier has been compiled to provide statistical information about supermarkets and grocery stores in the food retail industry in Canada. A market overview is given, followed by chapters on retail sales, the key players in the industry, online grocery shopping, consumer behavior, and grocery shopping behavior relating to the coronavirus outbreak.

Table of contents

  • 1. Market overview
    • Sales value of leading Canadian grocery and supermarket chains in Canada 2019/20

    • Number of food stores in Canada by type 2018

    • Number of chain supermarkets in Canada 2015-2018

    • Number of grocery stores in Canada by region 2020

    • Number of grocery stores in Canada by employment size 2020

    • Canada: number of convenience stores 2020, by province

    • Canadian regional grocery retailers by number of units 2017

  • 2. Retail sales
    • Retail sales of supermarkets and other grocery stores in Canada 2012-2020

    • Change in retail sales of supermarkets and other grocery stores in Canada 2012-2020

    • Monthly retail sales of grocery stores in Canada 2015-2021

    • Chain food store sales in Canada 2004-2019

    • Independent food store sales in Canada 2004-2019

    • Food store sales in Canada by region and type 2018

  • 3. Key players
    • Revenue of Loblaw Companies Limited Canada 2012-2020

    • Annual food retail sales for Loblaws Canada 2014-2020

    • Revenue of Sobeys in Canada 2013-2020

    • Number of Sobeys stores in Canada by brand 2021

    • Revenue of Metro, Inc. in Canada 2010-2020

    • Number of Metro, Inc. properties in Canada by type 2020

    • Walmart: number of stores in Canada 2012-2021

    • Walmart International: net sales FY2019-FY2021, by country

    • Canada: number of Costco warehouses 2020, by province

    • Canada: net sales growth of Costco 2013-2020

  • 4. Online grocery shopping
    • Canadian consumers who buy groceries online 2019

    • Canada's online and in-store grocery expenditure share 2020

    • Canadian leading reasons to buy groceries online 2020

    • Factors that would persuade Canadians to shop online for groceries 2020

    • How Canadians prefer to have their online food shopping delivered 2020

    • Canadian reasons not to buy groceries online 2020

  • 5. Consumer behavior
    • Top grocery stores at which consumers regularly shop in Canada 2019

    • Factors considered by Canadian consumers when purchasing groceries 2018

    • Reasons for choosing a specific store for grocery shopping in Canada 2019

    • Frequency of Canadian consumers visiting grocery stores 2018

    • Length of Canadian consumer visits to grocery stores 2018

    • Average shopping basket value among Canadian consumers by generation 2018

    • Canadian frequency of micro-shopping grocery trips 2019

    • Shopping changes made in response to food prices in Canada 2019

  • 6. Coronavirus (COVID-19) shopping behavior
    • Canadian grocery shopping frequency during the coronavirus outbreak April 2020

    • Canadians worried about food shopping due to coronavirus March 2020

    • Precautions taken when Canadians shop for groceries due to COVID-19 April 2020

    • Stockpiling among Canadian consumers due to coronavirus outbreak March 2020

    • Food stockpiling by Canadians due to coronavirus by region March 2020

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