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As the all-round availability and the usage of the internet has increased in France in recent years, mobile devices have become an important player in connecting people to the online world. In 2019, 76 percent of the French population were accessing the internet on their mobile devices.

The music, games and social media industry have recognized an opportunity in the mobile format and have adapted to the wishes of the consumer. Even though the use of walkmans, gameboys and the mobile phone is not dead yet, having an all-in-one format seems to fit multiple generations' needs. One of the major players in the app market in 2018 was the music industry, making more than 300 million euros through streaming, with Spotify being the most popular platform. Shortly after, other types of players were in the French spotlight: Amazon was the leading e-commerce platform and Facebook, the most downloaded social network in 2019.

Taking a closer look at the social life of the French in 2019, 38 percent admitted to having used dating apps, which had increased by 10 percent since 2016. As online dating has become an accepted way to meet a romantic partner in France, for all ages and backgrounds, there were numerous fee-based dating sites to choose from in 2018: Badoo, with 39 percent of French customers using it, or even Adopte Un Mec, mostly designed for women who are looking to "shop" for men.

Speaking of shopping, online sales generated through online platforms contributed to almost the whole total of mobile internet activities, with 18.5 billion euros in 2018. This led to predictions of worth of mobile activity 34 billion euros generated in 2020.

To increase online sales, French companies need to broaden their selection of payment methods. Starting with a credit-card based model in 2017, a peer-to peer payment application format had made its way in. A year later, Paypal had gained 38 percent in popularity.

With 61 percent of the French having bought something online over the past 12 months in 2018, purchasing products or services online has become widespread across the country. Despite the growth of the online market, paying online also seems to raise security concerns among internet users. That same year, the worry of lacking security checks for payment was mentioned the most.

The variety of apps had led to ideas for future sustainable business. In the fight against food waste, mobile applications for picking up unsold stocks at supermarkets or groceries such as Too Good To Go have won the approval of French consumers in 2019.

With all this and without disregarding mobile game apps, new technology such as augmented or virtual reality, artificial intelligence for the personalization of the shopping experience make it almost impossible for users to ever let go of their smartphones.

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