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Online gaming market in the Philippines - statistics & facts

Online gaming is a flourishing industry in the Philippines, with revenues showing exponential growth in 2020 compared to the previous years. Gaming, either through consoles, mobile, or PC, has been gaining traction among Filipinos, especially among the younger generation. Although there is a strong preference in using mobile phones for gaming, largely due to the accessibility of low-cost smartphones and mobile internet infrastructures, there remains a market for gaming consoles. The mobile games segment was expected to continue growing in the next five years, with forecast revenues reaching as much as 1.52 billion U.S. dollars in 2025.

Key trends in the online gaming market in the Philippines

In a recent finding, the most common type of online games for Filipinos were the ones that were free to play. Gamers, however, tend to make gaming-related purchases not limited to internet data packs for their mobile devices, but including in-game items and virtual goods. Among Filipino gaming enthusiasts, Fortnite was the most popular game, followed by League of Legends. Aside from the known international games in the market, locally developed games like Potion Punch were also popular. For mobile games, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has been the most downloaded gaming app, along with Roblox.

eSports: competitive gaming for online gamers

While gaming for leisure remains the main motivation for online gamers in playing online games, there has been a growing industry for professional video gaming leagues. eSports are competitive video game events played by professional gamers in a league or tournament setting. In the Philippines, there has been growing support for such leagues due to their revenue-making potential. In fact, in 2017, the Philippine Games and Amusement Board legitimized eSports as an officially recognized sport, allowing players to secure licenses. To show support, local governments started sponsoring tournaments, while businesses financially supported professional teams.  

The eSports industry in the Philippines has shown tremendous potential, with professional players gaining huge popularity with prize money earnings, brand endorsements, and even scholarships from international universities. Filipino professional gamers have been actively participating in competitions, even coming home with medals from eSports competitions.

Internet setbacks facing online gamers

Since the internet is an important tool for online gaming, low internet speed has been a challenge causing Filipino online gamers to have an unpleasant experience while online gaming. In the Philippines, download speeds for both fixed and mobile internet fell way below the global average. Despite this, the Philippines’ online gaming industry shows no sign of stopping because of the growing number of players, increasing video games, and a variety of smartphone devices available in the market.

Interesting statistics

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