Amazon's shipping revenue and outbound shipping costs from 2006 to 2015 (in million U.S. dollars)

This statistic illustrates's annual shipping revenue and outbound shipping costs from 2006 to 2015. In 2015, Amazon's shipping revenue amounted to 6.52 billion US dollars whereas the company's outbound shipping costs came to 11.54 billion US dollars. Net shipping costs in the year amounted to 5.02 billion U.S. dollars.

Amazon product shipping

Amazon’s shipping revenue is comprised of amounts earned from fulfillment by Amazon programs related to shipping services as well as a portion of amounts earned from Amazon Prime memberships. It excludes amounts earned on shipping activities by third-party sellers where Amazon does not provide the fulfillment service. Amazon’s shipping costs are set to increase as customers become more reliant on the online retailer as the product mix shifts to electronics and general merchandise. Further costs are generated through expensive shipping methods and additional services offered by Amazon. The company tries to mitigate costs of shipping over time in part through achieving higher sales volumes, optimizing placement of fulfillment centers, negotiating better terms with its suppliers, and achieving better operating efficiencies.

Currently, Amazon’s annual shipping costs amount to 4.8 percent of the company’s total net sales, up from 4.7 percent in the previous year. The e-commerce company’s annual revenue amounted to 74.45 billion US dollars in 2013 with an increasing percentage attributable to digital content. In 2012, Amazon’s electronics and other general merchandise sales grew by 34 percent, thus amounting to a 29 percent increase in outbound shipping costs. The majority of Amazon’s net sales are generated in North America. In 2012, the company’s North American net sales amounted to 34.81 billion US dollars.

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 Shipping revenueOutbound shipping costs
2006 567 884
2007 740 1,174
2008 835 1,465
2009 924 1,773
2010 1,193 2,579
2011 1,552 3,989
2012 2,280 5,134
2013 3,097 6,635
2014 4,486 8,709
2015 6,520 11,539
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