Worldwide automobile production from 2000 to 2015 (in million vehicles)

This graph displays worldwide automobile production from 2000 to 2015. In 2005, some 47 million cars were produced worldwide. In 2000, about 41 million such vehicles were produced globally.

Worldwide automobile production

In 2015, 68.56 million passenger cars were in use worldwide, and over 65 million units were produced in the same year. Worldwide, passenger car sales are expected to continue to increase to about 100 million units in 2017. Car sales started falling dramatically during the 2008-2009 economic crisis. Today, the volume of automobiles sold is back to pre-crisis levels thanks to increased demand, especially from Asian markets. China is ranked as the largest passenger car manufacturer in the world, having produced more than 18 million cars in 2013, and making up for more than 22 percent of the world’s passenger vehicle production.

China’s largest car manufacturing company is the joint venture between General Motors and SAIC Motor Corporation Limited, known as Shanghai General Motors Company Ltd or simply Shanghai GM. Shanghai GM produces and sells passenger vehicles under the Chevrolet, Opel and Cadillac brands, among others. Aside from manufacturing cars, the company also produces engines and transmission systems. Founded in 1997, Shanghai GM has a total of nine production plants across China. The Shanghai-headquartered company’s domestic sales amounted to a little over three million units in 2013. Over the past decades, China has emerged as one of the main growth markets for players in the global automobile industry, with car sales amounting to 24.6 million vehicles in 2015.

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 CarsCommercial vehicles
2000 41.22 17.17
2001 39.83 16.48
2002 41.36 17.64
2003 41.97 18.69
2004 44.55 19.94
2005 47.05 19.67
2006 49.92 19.3
2007 53.2 20.06
2008 52.84 17.89
2009 47.77 13.99
2010 58.24 19.34
2011 59.9 19.92
2012 63.07 21.17
2013 65.44 21.86
2014 67.53 22.22
2015 68.56 22.12
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