Global market share held by the leading web browser versions as of April 2016

This statistic ranks the most popular web browser versions as of April 2016, ranked by their share of total page views. Google's Chrome 49.0 was the most popular browser with a market share of 24.23 percent, followed by Chrome for Android with 15.45 percent

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Browser versionMarket share
Chrome 49.0 24.23%
Chrome for Android 15.45%
Safari iPhone 7.14%
Firefox 45.0 5.72%
IE 11.0 5.3%
Opera 0 4.35%
Android 0 4.23%
Safari iPad 3.09%
UC Browser 10.9 2.62%
Chrome 50.0 2.01%
UC Browser 10.7 1.35%
UC Browser 10.8 1.18%
Edge 13 1.1%
Safari 9.1 0.97%
Chrome 48.0 0.9%
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