Most-used mobile app monetization models according to mobile developers worldwide as of June 2015

This statistic presents the most-used mobile app monetization models of mobile developers. As of June 2015, it was found that 31 percent of mobile app developers implemented ads. Contract work or commissioned apps were the second-most popular business model to monetize mobile apps according to 23 percent of developers.

As of 2015, the number of Facebook employees has reached 12 thousand full-time staff, a more than 8 thousand percent increase compared to a decade prior.

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 Share of respondents
Advertising 31%
Contract work/commissioned apps 23%
Pay per download 20%
Consumable in-app purchases 16%
Subscriptions 14%
Non-consumable in-app purchases 12%
Indirectly 10%
Selling physical products 6%
Selling services to developers 6%
E-commerce sales (physical goods) 5%
Per device royalties or licensing fees 5%
E-commerce sales (digital goods) 5%
Affiliate or CPI programs 4%
Not interested in revenues 21%
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