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Statista dossier on the back-to-school market in the U.S.

Table of contents

    • Combined back-to-school and back-to-college spending in the U.S. 2007-2021

    • Back-to-school spending in the U.S. 2006-2021

    • Estimated total U.S. back to school expenditure by category 2021

    • Breakdown of U.S. back to school expenditure by category 2021

    • Share of U.S. back-to-school shoppers' spending by sales channel 2021

    • Average back-to-school spending per household in the U.S. 2021

    • U.S. average back-to-school expenditure by region 2021

    • U.S. average spending on back-to-school by age group 2021

    • Expected spending by U.S. parents on back-to-school items by category 2021

    • Planned spending of U.S. pre-teen's own money on back-to-school supplies 2010-2021

    • Average per shopper expenditure by U.S. teens on back-to-school supplies 2010-2021

    • U.S. back-to-school shoppers who plan to buy pre-configured kits 2016-2021

    • Planned back-to-school apparel spending in the U.S. from 2013 to 2020

    • Back-to-school e-learning purchases U.S. 2020

    • Expected back-to-school spending of U.S. parents per child 2013-2021

    • Back-to-school spending influenced by children in the U.S. by segment 2021

    • Usage of social media sites to assist U.S. back-to-school shopping 2011-2021

    • Leading reasons why U.S. back-to-school shoppers buy preconfigured kits 2020-2021

    • Impact of COVID-19 on back-to-school shopping according to consumers in the U.S. 2021

    • Back-to-school shopping expenditure patterns of U.S. consumers 2021

    • Share of U.S. consumers that started their back-to-class shopping in June 2019-2021

    • Expected retail environments for back-to-school shopping by U.S. consumers 2021

    • Back-to-school shopping in the U.S.: anticipated shopping locations 2021

    • Estimated time to do back-to-school shopping among U.S. consumers 2020

    • Number of physical stores moms expect to visit for back-to-school shopping U.S. 2020

    • Leading stores parents will visit for back to school shopping in the U.S. 2021

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