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Statista Dossier on Demographics of Finland

This dossier includes statistics and facts about the demographic developments and situation in Finland. The dossier includes figures on the population structure and distribution, on basic demographic indicators like for example the birth rate, and on the family situation as well as the migration situation in Finland.

Table of contents

  • 1. Population of Finland
    • Total population of Finland 1915-2018

    • Population of Finland 2009-2019, by gender

    • Population of Finland 2008-2018, by age

    • Total population of Finland 2008-2018, by nationality

    • Population of Finland 2013-2018, by language

    • Finland: number of inhabitants by religious community 2018

    • Population of Finland 2018, by region and language

    • Forecast number of inhabitants in Finland 2015-2065, by gender

    • Population forecast in Finland 2017-2065, by age group

  • 2. Life and Death
    • Median age of the population in Finland 2015

    • Average age of inhabitants in Finland 2018, by region

    • Proportion of population aged under 15 years old in Finland 2018, by region

    • Share of persons aged 65 years and older in Finland 2018, by region

    • Life expectancy in Finland 2008-2018, by gender

    • Crude birth rate in Finland 1940-2018

    • Number of live births born in Finland by region 2018

    • Number of live births, by age of mother in Finland 2018

    • Number of live births in Finland monthly 2018

    • Number of adoptions in Finland 2008-2018

    • Foreign-born population of Finland 2009-2017

    • Infant mortality rate in Finland 2008-2018

    • Number of deaths in Finland 2008-2018, by gender

    • Forecast of the maintenance ratio in Finland in 2014-2040

  • 3. Demographic movement
    • Total number of emigrations from Finland 2008-2018

    • Number of immigrations to Finland 2009-2019

    • Total net migration in Finland 2008-2018

    • Number of granted citizenships in Finland 2007-2017

    • Density of the population of Finland in 2018, by region

    • Largest cities in Finland 2019

  • 4. Marriage and divorce
    • Number of marriages in Finland 2008-2018

    • Number of same-se marriages and registrations for partnership in Finland 2008-2018

    • Same-sex marriages and registered partnerships in Finland 2008-2018, by gender

    • Woman's average age at first marriage in Finland 2008-2018

    • Average age of men at first marriage in Finland from 2008-2018

    • Number of divorces in Finland 2008-2018

    • Mean age at first divorce by gender in Finland 2008-2018

    • Divorces from registered partnerships in Finland 2008-2018, by gender

  • 5. Households
    • Finland: housing conditions by dwelling type 2017

    • Home ownership rate in Finland 2008-2017

    • Tenants among the population of Finland 2008-2017

    • Share of Finnish population living alone 2007-2017

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