Shopping behavior in China

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Statista Dossier on consumer shopping behavior in China

Table of contents

    • Annual per capita disposable income of urban and rural China 1990-2021

    • Per capita consumption in urban and rural China 2013-2021

    • Per capita consumption in urban and rural China 2021, by use

    • Adult population distribution by wealth group in China 2020

    • Consumer confidence in China 2017-2022

    • Shopping channel preferred by daily or weekly consumers in China 2021

    • Major shopping channels among consumers after COVID-19 in China 2020

    • Share of FMCG retail sales value in China 2021, by retail channel

    • Leading shopping channels for purchasing luxury goods in China 2021

    • Leading distribution channels for purchasing apparels China 2019

    • Retail sales value of household appliances in China 2019-2020, by sales channel

    • Preferred ways of payment before and after COVID-19 in China 2020

    • Popular payment methods in stores and restaurants in China 2020

    • Main motivations for e-payment usage among respondents in China 2020

    • Most popular e-payment services used among respondents in China 2020

    • Most popular e-payment services used among respondents in China 2020, by age

    • Preferred origin of brands among consumers in China 2020

    • Leading factors for making buying decisions during COVID-19 China 2020

    • Most popular online retail services among consumers in China 2021

    • Impact of influencer endorsements on buying in China 2020, by product type

    • Factors effecting consumption of Generation Z in China 2020

    • Frequency of online purchases in China 2022, by gender

    • Online shopping market share in China Q1 2018-Q2 2020, by device

    • Per capita spending on major e-commerce platforms in China 2015-2019

    • Favorite ways of shopping online in China 2020

    • Most important factors for consumers to choose e-commerce platforms China 2020

    • Acceptance of recycled products in China 2020

    • Leading reasons for making sustainable shopping 2020

    • Leading sources to learn about sustainable products 2020

    • Leading sales channel of sustainable products 2020

    • Leading scenarios for promoting sustainable shopping 2020

    • Coronavirus impacts on shopping channel preference in China 2020, by channel

    • Shopping habit changes due to COVID-19 in China 2020

    • Share of items bought during COVID-19 pandemic online in China 2020, by type

    • Adjusted online shopping behavior after coronavirus outbreak in China 2020

    • COVID-19 impacted negative aspects of online shopping in China 2020

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