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The United States was rated among the leading countries in potato production worldwide in 2016. Nationwide, most of the potato production is located in Idaho. The potato state produced 131.33 million centum weight (cwt) of the light to eat vegetable in 2017.

In the U.S. retail environment, several types of different potatoes are offered. Based on generated sales, the most popular one within the category was ‘Russet’ in 2017. The variety is characterized by a rough brown skin and numerous eyes. It contains a large amount of starch and is low in moisture. Besides being offered in its natural form, potatoes are often sold as processed foods such as potato chips, French fries or instant potato products. The leading potato brand in the United States was Lay’s in 2017, based on generated sales of about 1.7 billion U.S. dollars. The brand is owned by Purchase-based PepsiCo, Inc.

During the last decade, the per capita consumption of fresh potatoes dropped significantly. Back in 2000, some 47.1 pounds of fresh taters were consumed per person, whereas only 33.2 pounds came on the plate in 2016.

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