Statistics and facts on Farming

Farming statistics Farming is one of the oldest businesses and comprises the cultivation of crops and livestock for mainly food or use as biofuel. Common farming methods include conventional and organic farming.

Conventional farming is the main farming method used during the 20th century and still dominates most farming today. Depending on national regulations, farmers are allowed to use chemical plant protectors and chemical fertilizers. The intensive mass livestock breeding is widely practiced.

In contrast, the organic farming sector sets higher animal- and plant-friendly standards in order to protect natural resources and the environment. Specific laws and requirements regulate the organic crop production and livestock breeding. Organic farmers rely on methods such as crop rotation and biological pest control. Thus, they dispense the use of chemical fertilizer and use fertilizers and pesticides instead, which are considered as natural.

Farming is divided in crop production and livestock breeding. Major crops in the United States include corn, soybean, hay and wheat. The agricultural livestock sector mainly concentrates on cattle and dairy farming, hog and pig farming, poultry and egg production, and sheep and goat farming. Dairy farming results in downstream manufacturing processes in order to produce milk and milk products for human consumption.

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