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Victoria’s Secret was established in 1977 by American businessman Roy Raymond, who felt that traditional department stores were not friendly enough towards men shopping for women’s lingerie, and decided to start his own women’s lingerie business. The store grew rapidly and has become one of the largest and most valuable apparel brands worldwide. The global lingerie market was valued at about 32 billion U.S. dollars in 2019, Victoria’s Secret, one of the leading players in lingerie, generated 7.3 billion U.S. dollars in that year on its own. However, 2017 was the first year that Victoria’s Secret saw a decrease in sales since 2010. In North America, there are 1,143 Victoria’s Secret stores, with each store generating about 4.8 million U.S. dollars annually on average.

Victoria’s Secret has a strong presence on social media, with about 11.27 million followers on Twitter, making it the second most followed fashion brand on the platform. However, the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which is held to promote and showcase its products, has decreased in viewership by nearly half since 2014. In November 2019, the company announced that it would no longer hold its annual fashion show.

Undeniably one of the most iconic and widely recognized lingerie brands, a recent survey found that 66 percent of U.S. consumers associated the Victoria’s Secret brand with sexy underwear. There have been numerous popular songs referencing the brand’s name in its lyrics; very few other lingerie brands could boast the same. Victoria’s Secret has become synonymous with women’s lingerie. Victoria’s Secret is especially popular among young consumers, with 77 percent and 70 percent of consumers between the ages of 16 and 24 indicating that they would buy womenswear from Victoria’s Secret or its subsidiary, VS Pink, respectively.

In addition to being a womenswear retailer, Victoria’s Secret also carries a popular line of fragrances, makeup, and skincare. Although the brand is better known for lingerie, a 2017 survey found that 24.15 million Americans use Victoria’s Secret perfume, cologne, toilet water more often than any other brand.

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