Market share of private label brands worldwide in 2013, by selected country

This statistic depicts the market share of private label brands worldwide in 2013, broken down by selected country. In that year, Germany's private label market share amounted to 34 percent. Switzerland topped the list with a share of about 45 percent of total retail sales.

Private labels

Private labels are brands which are not owned by a manufacturer or producer, but by a retailer or supplier. This retailer or supplier asks a contract manufacturer to produce goods for him under his own label. Additional terms used include store brands or private brands.

Traditionally, private labels entered the market as a low-cost alternative to national brands. Today, they are part of active retail marketing in order to position their products ideally on the market and not to be exclusively dependent on suppliers of national brands. Retailers may benefit from the many advantages of private labels, especially from the fact that they have more control over product and service pricing. In addition, they may offer their goods at a lower price as retailers do not have such high marketing and advertising expenditures as their brand counterparts.

Nowadays, private labels are present among a wide range of industries and are gaining more and more market penetration, especially in Europe, where private label share is approaching almost 50 percent in some markets. In the U.S., the private label market remains quite fragmented. Food categories with a large private label share include milk, sugar and sugar substitutes and fresh eggs.

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 Market share
Switzerland 45%
Spain 41%
United Kingdom 41%
Germany 34%
Portugal 33%
Belgium 30%
Austria 29%
France 28%
Netherlands 27%
Denmark 25%
Sweden 25%
Hungary 24%
Poland 24%
Czech Republic 22%
Finland 22%
Slovakia 22%
Australia* 21%
Norway 21%
Canada 18%
South Africa 18%
United States 18%
Ireland 17%
Italy 17%
Greece 16%
Colombia 15%
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