Market share held by mobile operating systems in Russia from January 2012 to July 2017

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AndroidiOSSymbianOSWindows PhoneSeries 40SamsungSony EricssonLinuxOther
Jan '1219.9%13.08%39.33%0.57%06.24%4.91%0.59%15.37%
Feb '1220.29%14.24%37.73%0.85%06.55%4.66%0.7%14.98%
Mar '1222.03%12.29%39.7%0.68%05.72%4.34%1%14.22%
Apr '1223.53%13.18%37.02%0.75%1.57%4.78%3.96%0.99%14.21%
May '1224.64%13.6%30.25%0.83%7.52%4.05%3.51%1.09%14.52%
Jun '1226.6%16.21%27.18%1.29%9.82%3.8%2.91%1.16%11.02%
Jul '1227.74%15.19%24.22%2.99%12.22%3.61%2.59%1.18%10.25%
Aug '1231.22%14.55%22.2%2.46%12.59%3.28%2.38%1.22%10.1%
Sep '1231.94%16.1%20.39%2.01%11.56%3%2.21%1.11%11.67%
Oct '1233.31%16.16%20.83%1.92%10.93%2.97%2.01%0.99%10.88%
Nov '1234.11%19.53%18.03%2.37%9.08%2.69%2.39%0.81%11%
Dec '1236.54%18.93%15.36%2.35%7.4%2.04%2.55%0.79%14.02%
Jan '1340.36%21.88%13.66%2.41%6.55%1.84%1.56%0.8%10.94%
Feb '1339.47%25.57%12.4%2.28%5.9%1.6%1.34%0.71%10.75%
Mar '1343.25%24.66%11.29%2.29%5.47%1.56%1.16%0.58%9.74%
Apr '1342.76%25.65%10.86%2.52%5.72%1.52%1.08%0.62%9.29%
May '1343.04%27%10.43%2.79%5.73%1.4%0.97%0.62%8.02%
Jun '1343.74%27.13%9.43%3.29%5.72%1.51%0.89%0.52%7.76%
Jul '1344.95%28.07%7.83%3.31%6.23%1.52%0.83%0.65%6.59%
Aug '1347.06%28.04%7.16%3.21%5.74%1.42%0.7%0.58%6.08%
Sep '1345.05%25.02%8%2.75%7.44%2.01%0.81%0.65%8.25%
Oct '1346.07%11.29%12.18%1.31%10.68%3.83%1.16%0.41%13.09%
Nov '1348.9%29.17%5.86%3.44%4.95%1.46%0.6%0.67%4.94%
Dec '1352.48%27.85%5.3%3.56%4.45%1.17%0.59%0.45%4.17%
Jan '1453.33%30.77%4.25%3.29%3.4%0.92%0.48%0.36%3.18%
Feb '1456.25%28.8%3.88%3.25%3.1%0.85%0.37%0.34%3.17%
Mar '1455.26%30.66%3.61%3.18%2.97%0.8%0.3%0.33%2.88%
Apr '1456.86%28.48%3.47%3.65%3.03%0.75%0.29%0.34%3.13%
May '1458.44%27.76%3.22%3.45%2.97%0.64%0.26%0.35%2.89%
Jun '1458.65%28.16%2.95%3.47%2.75%0.59%0.23%0.32%2.86%
Jul '1449.54%41.99%1.72%2.71%1.58%0.36%0.13%0.18%1.78%
Aug '1449.97%42.24%1.45%2.64%1.43%0.29%0.13%0.15%1.71%
Sep '1452.98%38.71%1.57%2.85%1.72%0.4%0.17%0.15%1.47%
Oct '1452.83%39.21%1.35%2.93%1.54%0.39%0.16%0.21%1.38%
Nov '1451.36%41.85%1.02%2.78%1.19%0.29%0.1%0.15%1.26%
Dec '1450.65%43.59%0.81%2.42%0.96%0.25%0.09%0.1%1.13%
Jan '1566.36%24.22%1.34%3.61%1.63%0.46%0.14%0.2%2.03%
Feb '1566.93%23.81%1.28%3.49%1.51%0.39%0.13%0.21%2.25%
Mar '1566.61%23.36%1.34%3.67%1.39%0.32%0.11%0.18%3.01%
Apr '1563.19%25.75%1.29%4.42%1.6%0.39%0.22%0.21%2.91%
May '1563.52%25.49%1.4%3.78%1.87%0.45%0.11%0.24%3.14%
Jun '1563.1%25.06%1.44%3.78%1.52%0.39%0.1%0.24%4.37%
Jul '1564.52%24.44%1.44%3.7%1.4%0.34%0.11%0.27%3.76%
Aug '1566.17%23.19%1.52%3.41%1.33%0.36%0.1%0.31%3.64%
Sep '1565.41%25.14%0.97%3.64%1.25%0.37%0.09%0.28%2.85%
Oct '1566.1%24.44%0.88%3.64%1.06%0.33%0.08%0.4%3.06%
Nov '1567.09%23.74%0.86%3.92%1.05%0.36%0.07%0.24%2.67%
Dec '1564.55%25.43%0.75%4.47%0.89%0.35%0.08%0.19%3.29%
Jan '1664.03%25.81%0.75%4.49%0.89%0.4%0.06%0.3%3.28%
Feb '1663.97%26.2%0.83%4.15%0.87%0.36%0.04%0.17%3.4%
Mar '1664.65%26.24%0.84%3.63%0.78%0.34%0.05%0.18%3.3%
Apr '1665.03%25.71%0.73%3.88%0.69%0.43%0.06%0.19%3.29%
May '1665.27%25.12%0.63%4.01%0.72%0.35%0.04%0.24%3.63%
Jun '1665.64%25.76%0.6%3.56%0.7%0.35%0.04%0.66%2.67%
Jul '1674.17%20.37%0.41%2.51%0.57%0.28%0.03%0.16%1.5%
Aug '1668.16%25.86%0.48%3.02%0.67%0.32%0.04%0.18%1.27%
Sep '1667.7%26.4%0.48%3.11%0.63%0.33%0.04%0.14%1.16%
Oct '1666.73%27.17%0.44%3.42%0.59%0.34%0.04%0.08%1.19%
Nov '1667.65%26.25%0.41%3.43%0.58%0.32%0.03%0.3%1.04%
Dec '1669.19%25.52%0.39%2.86%0.54%0.32%0.04%0.16%0.98%
Jan '1768.87%26.56%0.31%2.56%0.4%0.38%0.04%0.08%0.81%
Feb '1767.25%28.5%0.29%2.38%0.36%0.34%0.03%0.07%0.77%
Mar '1767.37%28.13%0.36%2.29%0.35%0.39%0.04%0.06%1.01%
Apr '1767.14%28.95%0.25%2.11%0.34%0.35%0.03%0.04%0.78%
May '1767.45%28.83%0.25%1.94%0.36%0.23%0.03%0.04%0.87%
Jun '1768.95%27.25%0.25%1.98%0.37%0.24%0.03%0.06%0.9%
Jul '1769.85%26.48%0.25%1.85%0.32%0.26%0.02%0.06%0.89%

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The statistic shows the operating share of mobile systems in Russia, from January 2012 to July 2017. In Russia the leading mobile operating system since July 2012 has been Google's Android system. In July 2017, this mobile OS held a 70 percent share of the mobile market in Russia.
Smartphone use in Russia - additional information

Russia is one of the most populous countries in the world, with almost 144 million inhabitants as of 2014. The number of mobile phone users in Russia has been growing constantly in the past years, reaching 114 million users in 2014. Many Russians have more than one mobile phone and an estimate of the total number of mobile connections shows that there are 262 million mobile connections in Russia.

Although a high percentage of Russian mobile users still prefer feature phones, the smartphone user penetration rate in Russia is expected to grow from 11 percent in 2007 to 69 percent by 2017. As of 2013, there were 43 million smartphone subscribers in Russia. Smartphones and tablets are growing in popularity as devices to access the internet. A 2014 survey found that only 48 percent of respondents used exclusively computers, while all other users accessed the internet through mobile devices, alone or in combination with a computer. The most common smartphone activities among Russian users are reading e-books, listening to music and playing games. Another popular activity is watching online videos.

As of 2015, the leader of the Russian smartphone operating system market is Google’s Android, with a 66.6 percent market share, followed by Apple's iOS and, to a lesser extent, Windows Phone. Symbian was a dominant player on the smartphone OS market in 2011 and 2012, but has not played an important role since then.
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Release date
August 2016
Survey time period
July 2017

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