Mobile operating systems' market share worldwide from January 2012 to July 2017

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AndroidiOSSeries 40 (Nokia)*Symbian OS*SamsungBlackBerry OSWindows PhoneUnknown / Other
Jan '1223.21%24.04%031.89%5.84%6.94%0.36%7.73%
Feb '1224.76%25.49%030.19%5.06%6.76%0.41%7.33%
Mar '1223.61%23.99%031.48%6.05%6.43%0.44%8%
Apr '1223.79%23.85%2.74%28.45%6.81%6.1%0.48%7.76%
May '1223.81%22.95%11.84%20.25%7.18%5.66%0.53%7.78%
Jun '1225.07%24.56%13.7%17.29%6.21%5.26%0.55%7.35%
Jul '1226.53%25.41%14.73%13.47%6.71%4.96%0.68%7.53%
Aug '1228.21%24.48%15%12.58%6.56%4.65%0.74%7.77%
Sep '1229.25%23.63%15.14%12.22%6.72%4.54%0.8%7.69%
Oct '1230.19%23.72%15%11.7%6.72%4.29%0.8%7.58%
Nov '1231.67%23.73%15.07%10.93%6.52%3.93%0.84%7.3%
Dec '1233.19%23.26%14.86%10.72%6.57%3.53%0.91%6.97%
Jan '1336.87%25.85%12.86%8.86%5.03%3.39%1.05%6.09%
Feb '1336.9%27.21%12.61%8.18%4.79%3.32%1.08%5.9%
Mar '1337.23%27.14%12.58%7.98%4.68%3.27%1.19%5.93%
Apr '1338.34%26.46%12.5%7.75%4.53%3.27%1.25%5.9%
May '1338.27%25.86%12.74%7.68%4.57%3.47%1.33%6.07%
Jun '1337.93%25.09%13.43%7.69%4.75%3.46%1.4%6.24%
Jul '1338.34%24.79%14.38%6.39%4.64%3.66%1.52%6.28%
Aug '1339.52%23.44%14.24%6.33%4.59%3.75%1.62%6.5%
Sep '1339.82%22.73%14.13%6.3%4.82%3.75%1.7%6.76%
Oct '1339.39%20.54%14.64%6.49%4.97%3.81%1.71%8.44%
Nov '1341.31%21.94%13.6%5.45%4.77%3.84%1.95%7.14%
Dec '1342.99%21.82%13.02%4.95%4.54%3.63%2.08%6.97%
Jan '1444.53%23.55%11.72%4.41%4.17%3.05%2.16%6.41%
Feb '1447.45%22.97%10.87%3.99%3.86%2.62%2.22%5.99%
Mar '1448.26%23.6%10.24%3.69%3.66%2.5%2.22%5.84%
Apr '1449.95%23.25%9.54%3.43%3.57%2.16%2.4%5.69%
May '1452.23%23.24%8.73%3.02%3.11%1.88%2.4%4.77%
Jun '1452.98%24.29%7.9%2.76%2.66%1.87%2.37%4.61%
Jul '1453.51%24.9%7.34%2.52%2.51%1.66%2.42%4.6%
Aug '1454.87%23.57%7.24%2.49%2.51%1.59%2.36%4.78%
Sep '1455.7%24.73%6.94%2.18%2.28%1.57%2.29%4.32%
Oct '1457.43%25.96%5.68%1.8%1.8%1.29%2.32%3.73%
Nov '1459.9%23.02%5.73%1.82%1.75%1.3%2.42%4.07%
Dec '1459.15%23.51%5.76%1.79%1.75%1.33%2.25%4.49%
Jan '1559.78%22.75%5.72%1.73%1.62%1.3%2.26%4.85%
Feb '1560.79%23.17%5.04%1.52%1.44%1.2%2.27%4.56%
Mar '1561.94%22.64%4.69%1.36%1.26%1.2%2.27%4.64%
Apr '1563.43%20.78%4.77%1.33%1.19%1.22%2.34%4.93%
May '1564%20.22%4.48%1.33%1.11%1.14%2.31%5.4%
Jun '1563.75%20.22%4.07%1.28%1.07%1.26%2.23%6.1%
Jul '1564.08%20.41%3.72%1.16%0.97%1.19%2.29%6.17%
Aug '1565.56%19.03%3.33%1.06%0.9%1.35%2.23%6.57%
Sep '1566.77%18.14%3.13%0.97%0.87%1.26%2.2%6.68%
Oct '1567.15%17.7%3.01%0.92%0.86%1.09%2.29%6.99%
Nov '1565.73%19.3%3.01%0.88%0.85%1%2.27%6.96%
Dec '1565.88%19.22%2.81%0.82%0.8%1.09%2.3%7.08%
Jan '1666.28%19.58%2.59%0.75%0.75%0.98%2.16%6.91%
Feb '1666.38%19.47%2.52%0.74%0.75%0.98%2.1%7.07%
Mar '1668.04%18.82%2.29%0.68%0.7%0.91%1.91%6.64%
Apr '1668.28%18.8%2.15%0.63%0.67%0.95%1.89%6.62%
May '1668.84%18.63%2.05%0.6%0.69%0.93%1.84%6.43%
Jun '1668.4%20.32%1.74%0.48%0.69%0.83%1.94%5.59%
Jul '1668.79%19.89%1.73%0.48%0.67%0.76%1.83%5.86%
Aug '1668.54%20.07%1.6%0.47%0.64%0.64%1.75%6.32%
Sep '1669.68%19.38%1.45%0.43%0.62%0.6%1.62%6.23%
Oct '1670.84%19.12%1.19%0.36%0.56%0.56%1.46%5.91%
Nov '1672.01%18.85%1.03%0.31%0.49%0.53%1.33%5.46%
Dec '1671.97%18.89%0.97%0.29%0.5%0.44%1.24%5.72%
Jan '1771.58%19.73%0.92%0.27%0.49%0.42%1.14%5.45%
Feb '1771.98%19.45%0.85%0.26%0.44%0.45%1.13%5.44%
Mar '1771.61%19.5%0.77%0.25%0.42%0.36%1.01%6.08%
Apr '1771.84%19.87%0.69%0.23%0.36%0.32%0.96%5.73%
May '1772.68%19.32%0.71%0.21%0.35%0.31%0.92%5.5%
Jun '1772.89%19.35%0.6%0.2%0.34%0.28%0.89%5.45%
Jul '1773.39%18.78%0.58%0.19%0.34%0.27%0.85%5.6%

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This statistic shows the global market share held by the leading mobile operating systems from January 2012 to July 2017, based on internet use. In May 2013, Android had a worldwide market share of 38.27 percent.
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Release date
August 2017
Survey time period
January 2012 to July 2017
Supplementary notes
StatCounter calculates the data based on more than 1.7 billion page views per month worldwide. StatCounter defines a mobile device as a pocket-sized computing device. As a result, tablets are not included.

* StatCounter: "Nokia devices (including some S40 devices) had been grouped largely under Symbian OS. With assistance from Nokia and a number of individual users, this error was corrected on 23rd April 2012 and from that date all Nokia devices are now tracked as Symbian or S40 or Meego as appropriate".

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