Global e-book revenue from 2009 to 2016*, by region (in million U.S. dollars)

This statistic shows global e-book revenue from 2009 to 2016, broken down by region. In 2010, e-book revenue in North America amounted to 1.2 billion U.S. dollars.

E-books - additional information

Electronic books have been around for over twenty years, but it was not until the recent mobile revolution that the medium’s revenues began to reflect its potential. The North American market, boosted by surge of interest from consumers in the United States, is one of the fastest-growing e-book markets in the world, but growth in Western Europe and the Asia Pacific region is predicted to increase.
Between 2008 and 2012, the unit sales per year increased by over 400 million units, and by 2018, the e-book share of total book sales is expected to grow to over 25 percent, more than doubling its share from 2013. Whereas electronic book consumption and revenue is expected to grow, almost all print book categories are expected to decrease. Amazon currently holds the majority of the e-reader market with a 55 percent share, and Kobo trails behind with 20 percent.
Consumers are still refraining from completely embracing the e-reader and e-book trend. A survey of U.S. readers in 2014 revealed that 46 percent only read hard copy books, while only six percent only read e-books. Unsurprisingly, younger people are more likely to be e-book readers, especially as many of the newer e-reading devices are also tablet computers or smartphones, giving consumers even more reason to have these devices around on a more regular basis.

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 North AmericaWestern EuropeCentral & Eastern EuropeMiddle East & AfricaAsia PacificLatin America
2009 500 93 4 5 817 1
2010 1,200 176 9 9 952 2
2011 2,696 324 12 18 1,088 4
2012 4,326 574 28 37 1,269 8
2013 5,992 938 53 57 1,477 14
2014 7,653 1,339 77 80 1,748 27
2015 9,324 1,816 108 107 2,007 46
2016 10,905 2,354 144 137 2,257 73
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