Number of TV viewers and ratings of most watched sporting events in the United States in 2015 (in millions)

This statistic provides information on the number of TV viewers of major sporting events in the United States and their ratings, sorted by sport. According to the source, the most viewed sporting event in 2015 was Super Bowl 49, which drew in over 114 million viewers in the United States.

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Sporting event (sport) (network)RatingViewers (in millions)
Patriots/Seahawks - Super Bowl 49 (NFL) (NBC) - -
Ohio St./Oregon (CFB National Championship) (ESPN, Megacast) - -
Duke/Wisconsin (CBB National Championship) (CBS) - -
USA/Japan - Women's World Cup Final (Women's soccer) (Fox, Telemundo) - -
Warriors/Cavaliers (NBA Finals) (ABC) - -
Belmont Stakes (Horseracing) (NBC) - -
Royals/Mets (MLB World Series) (Fox) - -
The Masters Final Round (Men's golf) (CBS) - -
Daytona 500 (NSCS) (Fox) - -
Lightning/Blackhawks (NHL Stanley Cup) (NBC) - -
Mexico/Jamaica (Men's soccer) (UNI, FS1) - -
Indianapolis 500 (IndyCar) (ABC) - -
Serena Williams/Venus Williams (Women's tennis) (ESPN) - -
PBC on NBC1 (Boxing) (NBC) - -
Novak Djokovic/Roger Federer (Men's tennis) (ESPN) - -
UConn/Notre Dame (WCBB National Championship) (ESPN) - -
UFC on Fox 14 (MMA) (Fox) - -
Michigan/Florida (WCWS) (ESPN) - -
Virginia/Vanderbilt (CWS) (ESPN) - -
Monaco GP (F1) (NBC) - -
U.S. Women's Open Final Round (Women's golf) (Fox) - -
WNBA All-Star Game (WNBA) (ABC, ESPN) - -
Sabercats/Sharks (AFL) (ESPN) - -
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