Digitalization of the media industry in Germany

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Statista Dossier on the digitalization of the media industry in Germany

Table of contents

    • Number of internet users in Germany 1997-2021

    • Share of daily internet users in Germany 2017-2021

    • Revenues from music sales in Germany 1998-2021

    • Home video and cinema revenue in Germany 2000-2021

    • Digital music revenues in Germany 2004-2021

    • Digital music market revenue in Germany 2019-2020, by segment

    • Digital music - share of overall music sales in Germany 2004-2021

    • Key figures regarding music industry revenues in Germany 2021

    • Sales volume of physical and digital music singles in Germany 1999-2021

    • Revenue from music downloads in Germany 2008-2021

    • Revenue from music streaming in Germany 2008-2021

    • Music industry revenue share of download and mobile dealers in Germany 2004-2021

    • Most popular portals for downloading music in Germany 2021

    • Number of users of commercial music download websites in Germany 2018-2021

    • DVD market revenue in Germany 2000-2021

    • Revenues in the digital video market in Germany 2007-2021

    • Number of digital video renters and buyers in Germany 2012-2021

    • Number of active video consumers in Germany 2012-2021, by access

    • Revenue share in the video sales market in Germany 2007-2020, by sales channel

    • E-paper circulation in Germany 2005-2020

    • Paid e-paper circulation in Germany 2015-2022, by segment

    • Revenue from trade media in Germany 2017-2021, by segment

    • Year-on-year revenue change of specialist media categories in Germany 2021

    • E-book sales volume in Germany 2010-2021

    • E-book buyers in Germany 2010-2021

    • Revenue share of e-books in Germany 2010-2021

    • Fiction market revenue from e-books in Germany 2009-2025

    • Number of people purchasing e-books in Germany 2017-2021

    • Usage of e-books in Germany 2014-2021, by type of device

    • Digital music revenue in Germany 2017-2026, by segment

    • Forecast of Digital Music users by segment in Germany 2017-2025

    • Forecast of Video-on-Demand revenue by segment in Germany 2017-2025

    • Forecast of Video-on-Demand users by segment in Germany 2017-2025

    • Forecast of ePublishing revenue by segment in Germany 2017-2025

    • Forecast ePublishing users by segment in Germany 2017-2025

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