U.S. Teenagers - Statistics & Facts

U.S. Teenagers - Statistics & Facts

Statistics and facts on Teenagers in the U.S.

The teenage and adolescent population in the United States has been increasing steadily over the past decade. When it comes to analyzing a country’s economic status or a market’s scope, teenagers have been recognized as an important demographic group for a long time now, with their spending habits, their working life and their interests and leisure activities monitored, dissected and analyzed. Regarding American teenagers, data are abundant and frequently collected.

Economically speaking, the U.S. youth is looking at a pretty stable set-up: Despite a few hiccups, the U.S. youth unemployment rate has been decreasing over the last decade, employment prospects are better than in many other economically stable countries, and the majority of American youths is actually holding a job. Also, the fact that the United States’ gross domestic product (GDP) is expected to remain safely in its range between 2 and 3 percent over the next five to ten years helps the economic confidence.

As consumers, teenagers are wooed by advertisers and retailers alike. Since most U.S. teenagers have some kind of job to earn some extra pocket money, this in turn means more money to spend: While the majority likes to save money for their further education, a significant share of teenagers put their money in the bank to spend it on bigger purchases, like electronic devices. The consumer electronics market’s advertising activities are, for example, thus mainly targeted at teenagers and young adults.

These are only snippets of teenage lives and standards of living, but while you may not be aware of everything your teenage daughter or son is involved or interested in, a comprehensive selection of facts and figures to illuminate the general lifestyle of U.S. teenagers is provided in our dossiers and statistics.

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