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Teenage media usage in Germany spans a wide range of devices and types, with digital media consumption generally taking the lead. Based on a recent survey, 91 percent of German teenagers stated they used the internet on a daily basis during their leisure time in 2018, compared to just six percent who said they did so several times a week. 94 percent used their smartphone every day and 84 percent were listening to music daily. In terms of gender distribution when consuming media, 97 percent of both girls and boys used the internet either daily or weekly that same year. Reading daily newspapers and magazines online, as well as reading e-books ranked lowest. In households with adolescents, the majority owned a smartphone at 99 percent, followed by computers and/or laptops.

German teens spent an average of 214 daily minutes on the internet in 2018, compared to 117 minutes 10 years before. Also in 2018, the largest share of time spent on online activities fell on communication at 35 percent, followed by entertainment (music, videos, pictures) at 31 percent. Only 10 percent used the internet for information or research. The most popular YouTube channels among German teenagers that same year were Julien Bam's and Bibis Beauty Place. YouTube ranked highest among favorite internet platforms (including mobile) for teens, followed by WhatsApp and Instagram.

Daily TV viewing duration among teenagers aged 14 to 19 years amounted to 70 minutes in 2017, with girls spending 81 minutes a day and boys 59 minutes. In 2018, the majority of German teens used a TV set for watching, followed by mobile phones/smartphones and then the internet. In that year, YouTube was the most used video streaming platform to watch TV shows daily or several times a week, with 60 percent of teenage consumers preferring it, with Netflix and Amazon Prime making up the top three. The most popular TV shows among teens in 2018 included The Big Bang Theory and The Simpsons.

Print media usage generally fell in the last decade, especially in the case of magazines and newspapers, though reading books, while fluctuating, mostly stayed within a roughly 40 percent rate. The leading German youth magazines ranked by sales volume were Bravo with 103.6 thousand copies, Bravo Girl with 93.4 thousand and Mosaik (comic) with 85.7 thousand.

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Media usage among teenagers in Germany

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