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The need for simple and efficient access to money, without assistance from a bank clerk, was recognized simultaneously by financial service providers in Asia, Europe and the United States. This led to the introduction of automated teller machines, also known as automatic teller machines, or simply ATMs. ATMs are banking outlets which allow basic financial transactions, such as checking the account balance or withdrawing cash, to be carried out without the help of a bank employee. The history of ATM development is closely connected to the introduction of plastic payment cards. These made simple automated customer identification possible. It is widely accepted that the first ATM machine was installed by Barclays Bank in London in 1967.

The total number of ATMs in Europe grew steadily between 2005 and 2012, experiencing a fluctuation in the following years up until 2016. The next two years saw a decline in ATM’s across Europe. The number of all cash machines operating on the European market amounted to roughly 406.5 thousand in 2018. With regards to ATMs in selected countries in Western Europe, approximately 63.2 thousand of them were installed and operating in the United Kingdom, 57.8 thousand in Germany and 52.8 thousand in France as of December 2018. By comparison, Poland had the most ATMs in Central and Eastern Europe, with 23,759 cash machines operating in 2017. The ATM density in the European Union amounted to approximately 64.3 cash machines per 100,000 adults as of 2017. This was a decrease from 83.58 in 2010. The average cash value per ATM withdrawal in the United Kingdom equaled 71 British pounds in 2016.

Investments in Bitcoin as the new digital currency resulted in the global growth of Bitcoin ATM networks in various regions, with 21.3 percent of these ATMs located in Europe. Bitcoin ATMs make it easier for Bitcoin users to purchase the first coins, in comparison to online Bitcoin exchanges. In September 2019, there were 256 Bitcoin ATMs installed in the United Kingdom - the highest number among all European countries.

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