Dollar stores in Canada- Statistics & Facts

Dollar stores are retail outlets that carry a wide variety of relatively low-priced items, usually at a single-price point of one dollar. Some of the leading dollar stores in Canada include: Dollorama, with over a thousand stores across Canada, and Dollar Tree, with around 200 stores.

The Canadian dollar store market is dominated by two outlets. Dollarama is evidently by far the biggest and most frequently visited dollar store in Canada and is followed by Dollar Tree. As of 2016, the combined market share of Dollarama and Dollar Tree within the discount retail market in Canada added up to over 20 percent.

Dollarama is also listed among the leading discount store companies worldwide and is one of the leading food retailers in Canada. In 2016, Dollarama generated annual sales amounting to around 2.65 billion Canadian dollars. Dollar stores are more than often named after the price of the individual goods sold in them and vary by the name of the currency in use at a particular area.

Product lines typically found in dollar stores in Canada may include small home and garden tools, food and beverages, office supplies, kitchen utensils, hardware, decorations, personal hygiene products, books, recorded media, bedroom accessories, kid toys, flowered plants, cleaning agents, household and pet supplies.

According to a 2015 survey on the frequency of visiting dollar stores among consumers in Canada, 34.2 percent of the respondents visited a dollar store at least once per week. Canadians were also found to spend on average, 13.54 Canadian dollars per trip to a dollar store.

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Dollar stores in Canada - Important statistics


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