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Modern British politics has undoubtedly been dominated by the issue of Brexit, following the result of the UK’s referendum to withdraw from the European Union in 2016. The General Election the following year was in many ways a reaction to Brexit, an attempt by the Conservative Party to increase their majority in parliament and strengthen their hand in the Brexit negotiations. The Prime Minster, Theresa May, did return to power in 2017, but with a reduced number of seats in the House of Commons. The Local Elections in 2018 provided a more recent barometer of the UK’s political temperament, but the picture overall was a mixed one, and no single party could claim to be in ascendency following it.

In terms of party membership, the Labour Party is estimated to have the largest out of all the main parties. Although they haven’t been in power since 2010, the Labour Party is a major force in British Politics, with their leader Jeremy Corbyn enjoying high-levels of support among younger voters. While Corbyn is seen as a progressive, he is also one of the longest-serving MPs and was first elected in 1983.

Even though Britain has a female Prime Minster in Theresa May, the percentage of female MPs is currently less than half, standing at 32 percent in 2017. While the number of Women MPs is the highest it has ever been, the share of women in the cabinet has decreased since 2017 to 21.7 percent by 2018. The increasing scrutiny on all institutions in relation to their gender equality means that the issue will continue to be an important aspect of British politics in the future. The government’s behavior toward immigrants has also come to the fore in 2018, particularly after the unfolding of the Windrush Scandal and the British public’s displeasure at how the authorities treated this generation of migrants. Other subjects that have invoked debate in Britain include taking military action against Syria ,whether Donald Trump should make an official state visit to the UK and, especially in the run-up to the Royal Wedding, support for the monarchy.

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