Family & Friends

Statistics and Market Data on Family & Friends

Family & Friends statistics There are various colorful aspects to family life and friendships, and we have gathered figures and facts on the most interesting ones in this category. You will find a range of surveys and statistics on parenting and family life, including a survey on the version of their life story Americans would opt to tell their own children, or the qualities of a good friend.

We have compiled comprehensive dossiers on relevant topics like weddings and marriage, or single parents, and also a general data overview for families in the US. To provide an in-depth look at family life and friendship, we have also put together several dossiers on broader topics, for example on teenagers, pensioners, and on single life and dating, which supply you with comprehensive data, e.g. statistics on the costs of raising a child from birth to age 18 in the United States, and on possible changes Americans would implement to make their own family stronger.

Of course, we also provide general statistical figures on family and friends; among a vast compilation of demographic figures, we offer statistics on the average size of a family in the US, or on the things Americans would do for a friend, or not.

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