State of the Nation before 2012 election as of October, compared to January 2009

This survey shows the key figures on the state of the nation before the 2012 election compared to the beginning of Brack Obama's presidency in January 2009. During Obama's presidency, the total number of soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq has declined from 173,900 to 67,200.

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Key issuesJanuary 20, 2009October 10, 2012
Unemployment rate (in percent) 7.8 7.8
Trade deficit (in billion U.S. dollars per month) -37.7 -42
GDP (in trillion U.S. dollars) 14.1 15.6
Dow Jones Industrials (Index) 7,949.09 13,473.53
Troops in Afghanistan and Iraq 173,900 67,200
New homes sales (per year) 336,000 373,000
Average hourly earnings (in U.S. dollars) 22.03 23.58
Budget deficit (in billion U.S. dollars) 438 1,100
Bloomberg/U.S. weekly Consumer Comfort Index -53 -36.9
Energy Independence (in percent) 75.9 83.4
30-year-fixed-rate-mortgage (in percent) 5.06 3.53
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