App tracking and mobile privacy

Statistics report about app tracking and mobile privacy

App tracking and mobile privacy

This report presents insights and statistics on app tracking and mobile privacy. It provides an overview of global mobile security threats, as well as user behavior and opinions on mobile privacy and app tracking. The report includes a specific chapter on the case of Apple's App Tracking Transparency and IDFA protocols, as well as a spotlight chapter on children and mobile privacy.

Table of contents

Mobile and app usage

  • Premium Forecast Number of smartphone users worldwide 2014-2029
  • Premium Statistic Mobile ecosystem penetration rate of the global population worldwide 2022-2030
  • Premium Statistic Number of apps available in leading app stores Q3 2022
  • Basic Statistic Abandoned mobile apps count 2022
  • Basic Statistic Distribution of mobile iOS and Android apps based on most recent update date 2022

Mobile security threats

  • Basic Statistic Monthly cyber attacks on global mobile users worldwide 2020-2022
  • Basic Statistic Distribution of mobile malware worldwide Q2 2023 - Q3 2023, by type
  • Basic Statistic Volume of detected mobile malware packages as of Q3 2023
  • Basic Statistic Share of potentially unwanted mobile applications 2022, by type
  • Premium Statistic Countries with highest mobile malware encounter rate Q3 2022
  • Premium Statistic App threat rate in selected markets 2022
  • Premium Statistic Global mobile phishing rate Q4 2022-Q2 2023, by region
  • Premium Statistic Smishing attacks in global organizations 2021-2022
  • Premium Statistic Volume of vishing attacks on global organizations 2020-2022

App trackers and privacy

  • Basic Statistic Users in selected markets feeling tracked online after talking about a topic 2023
  • Basic Statistic Mobile targeted ads awareness after talking about a topic in selected markets 2023
  • Premium Statistic Trackers found in mobile apps 2022, by category
  • Premium Statistic Trackers found in the most used social media apps 2022, by type
  • Premium Statistic Dating apps collecting the most user data on iOS 2022, by index value
  • Premium Statistic Trackers found in the most used women health apps 2022, by OS
  • Basic Statistic User data collection in select mobile iOS period tracker apps 2022, by type
  • Premium Statistic Changes in privacy concerns on health apps for U.S. users 2021-2023, by generation
  • Premium Statistic Data collected from global educational apps 2022

Apple iOS ATT and IDFA

  • Basic Statistic iOS apps that declared collecting global users private data 2024
  • Premium Statistic Reasons to collect mobile app data from global iOS users 2024
  • Premium Statistic App tracking transparency: opt-in rate of iOS users worldwide 2022
  • Premium Statistic Apple app tracking transparency implementation rate 2022, by app category
  • Premium Statistic Apple app tracking transparency opt-in rate 2022, by app category

User behavior and opinions

  • Premium Statistic Factors for consumers in the U.S. to gain trust in companies 2023
  • Premium Statistic Leading mobile app privacy characteristics apps should have for global users 2022
  • Premium Statistic Global users comfort level with apps accessing their data 2021-2022
  • Premium Statistic Global consumers perceived threats when using mobile apps 2022
  • Basic Statistic Apps that should have the highest security for global consumers 2022, by category
  • Premium Statistic Online privacy importance in the choice of mobile phone for U.S. consumers 2022
  • Premium Statistic U.S. consumers opinions on online privacy 2022

Spotlight: children and mobile privacy

  • Premium Statistic Countries of registration for mobile apps directed to children 2022
  • Basic Statistic Children apps treatment of personal data 2022, by app store
  • Basic Statistic Number of tracked segments in iOS apps used by global children 2022, by category
  • Basic Statistic Most tracked iOS apps used by children 2022, by number of data segments
  • Premium Statistic Ad spend per application for children vs. non-children mobile apps 2022

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