Wheat - Statistics & Facts

Wheat - Statistics & Facts

Statistics and facts on wheat worldwide and in the U.S.

Wheat is the most important grain worldwide based on grain acreage and is ranked third when it comes to the total production volume. The global amount of wheat produced came to about 737 million metric tons in crop year 2015/2016.

The United States is a major wheat producer, and trails behind only the European Union, China, India, and Russia in production. Almost every U.S. state is involved in the nation’s wheat production, with North Dakota, the ‘Wheat State’ Kansas, and Montana producing the largest volume.

As one of the most important staple foods, a large variety of different products contain high amounts of wheat. The range of products containing wheat spans from multi-purpose flour used to make freshly baked goods such as bread or cookies to processed products such as canned soups that may contain wheat starch as a thickener.

It is expected that global wheat production will show an increasing trend in the next decade. Thereby, wheat producers may focus on enhancing the wheat yield – both in production outcome and revenue.

Photo: istockphoto.com / stargatechris

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