Kantar Media TGI Consumer Data - Statistics & Facts

Statista and Kantar Media have formed a partnership to integrate Kantar Media TGI’s (Target group index) wide range of consumer data into Statista's extensive statistical database.

Kantar Media TGI is a global network of single-source market research surveys measuring the consumption habits, lifestyles and attitudes of over 24,000 adults aged 15 years and over in the United Kingdom. Each survey typically covers 18 consumer product and service areas providing data on 4,000 brands in over 500 product fields. With a presence in more than 60 countries, Kantar Media TGI is a leading source for local and national market solutions.

Statista is the leading international statistics portal on the internet. With a team of over 60 statisticians, database experts, and analysts, Statista provides business customers and academic institutions with an innovative and intuitive tool.

Below you'll find dossiers on several topics compiled by Statista based on data from Kantar Media TGI’s 2015 market research studies.

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Soft drinks consumption in the UK (Kantar Media TGI)

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Body care products


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