Grains and cereals market in Argentina - Statistics & Facts

Published by J. Mendoza, Jul 18, 2019
Grains and cereals are part of many diets and traditional recipes. From breakfast to dinner, these staple foods are the base of bread, muesli, pasta and all kinds of flours that are part of daily meals. Such crops are also important in animal farming, as they are used to feed cattle, pigs and chickens. Furthermore, these commodities are an important part of the economy of many South American countries, as they are highly exported agricultural products.

That is the case of soybeans exported from Argentina. The harvesting area of the grain is expected to keep growing until 2027, and the soybean oil production in the country has been rising since 2010.

Wheat is also on the Argentinian exports list: the cereal accounted for over 12.8 million metric tons in shipments sent abroad in the marketing year 2017/2018. Furthermore, Argentine organic wheat is imported in large quantities, particularly by the European Union, but also by the United States.

Apart from soybeans and wheat, Argentina is the third largest exporter of corn, behind the U.S. and Brazil. However, the consumption of that grain in the country is not as large as its production. Finally, the barley market in Argentina is also relevant, as it is the leading South American country not only among the major producers, but also among the largest exporters of the cereal. Nevertheless, while production and exports of Argentine barley are high, its consumption in the country has been sinking since 2013.

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Grains and cereals market in Argentina

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